The Best Non Alcoholic Beers for 2023

Brewing and craft beer in South Africa is currently seeing a boom, with many homegrown
Breweries and independent businesses provide a wide range of tasty and innovative beverages.
to discover. But if you are looking for non-alcoholic beers in South Africa, you may be under
the impression that your choices are limited—well, nothing could be further from the truth.
Whether you are looking for a great-tasting beer alternative to order when you head out with
friends, or just want to explore what’s out there and taste some new drink options, there is an
There is a huge selection of non-alcoholic beer to choose from.
To get you started, we have pulled together a list of the best non-alcoholic beers in South Africa.
Africa. So, let’s begin!

Non-Alcoholic Beer: Our Best 5 Picks

Bavaria Wit Non-Alcoholic Beer (0.0%)

This refreshing and light wheat beer has a fruity citrus taste and a sweet, crisp finish. But it
also has an authentic, unfiltered, creamy, and smooth texture that is influenced by the strong
Dutch and Belgian craft beer brewing traditions date back to 1719.
These non-alcoholic beverages have the feel and taste of alcoholic beer but are not alcoholic.
absolutely zero percent alcohol!

Cobra Zero Non-Alcoholic Beer

Cobra Zero non-alcoholic beer is another beverage that boasts 0% alcohol content without
scrimping on taste or texture. This fresh and clean light fragrance was followed by a delicate fruity scent.
aroma is balanced with a full malty taste.
The perfect companion choice for a meal or a refreshing tipple at the end of the day, this
high-quality pale gold beverage that is also low in sugar, so it makes a great pick if you are looking
for the healthiest non-alcoholic beers to drink this year.

Jupiler Non-Alcoholic Beer

This high-quality non-alcoholic beer has an expertly brewed warm, soft bitter taste.
from the absolute best malt, yeast, and hops with a commitment to traditional brewing and
This NA beer is brewed using the same method as the alcoholic version to make sure you can
enjoy the same full and fruity taste of the full-strength drink.

Budweiser is a non-alcoholic beer.

Budweiser Aero is an alcohol-free beer from the world-famous “King of Beers” brewery in St.
Louis is a light, crisp, and clean-tasting drink that will give you the same taste as the alcoholic
This is one of the healthiest non-alcoholic beer choices, with no sugar included in each drink.
contains only 46 calories! But you don’t have to worry about the quality diminishing along the way.
with the alcohol and calorie content, this non-alcoholic version is brewed with prime
Budweiser ingredients and subjected to the same high-tech 4-stage cold filtration processing.

Heineken 0.0 percent non-alcoholic beer

Another big brand offering a high-quality non-alcoholic beer option that has proved popular is
with people looking to avoid alcohol content without missing out on the smooth malty taste.
And it’s another great low-calorie option with only 69 calories per 33-ounce bottle!
The drink contains fresh and clean fruity sparks within a soft and smooth malty liquid that
includes Heineken’s trademark A-Yeast. This NA beer is double brewed with the same
attention to detail as the alcoholic beverage that made Heineken famous worldwide.

What’s the Distinction Between Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics? Alcoholic Beers?

Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers have been created to replicate the feel, taste, and texture of
standard beers, and there are plenty of great options to enjoy nowadays, with more and more tasty options hitting the market.
The main and most obvious difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers is, of
course, the alcoholic content of the drink. Here is a breakdown of the key features of alcohol:
Free beers that mark them out from alcoholic options include:
 Alcohol-free beers contain an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 0.05% or less.
Some beers labelled “alcohol-free” may contain alcohol up to that 0.05% amount, so
Make sure to read the label if you are looking for 0%!
A low-alcohol beer option must contain an ABV of 1.2% or less.
For context, the average standard beer features an ABV of 4.4%.

Do Non-Alcoholic Beers Have Fewer Calories?

Standard beers can contain up to 7 calories per gramme consumed. That’s a lot of numbers.
calories you’re consuming on an average night out! Some NA beers can help you cut these
calories without having to miss out on enjoying a sociable time with friends in a bar setting.
So, switch to non-alcohol beers if you are looking to lose weight and improve your health.
might be a sensible option.
However, it is important to note that not all low- or non-alcohol beers are automatically low-alcohol.
calorie! Check the label before purchasing to ensure that you are purchasing one of the
healthy, no-alcohol beers.

How Do Non-Alcoholic Beers Get Made?

The method for making NA beer will vary from brewery to brewery, but as you can see in
In choosing our picks for the best non-alcohol drinks, many options are subjected to the same standard of
brewery treatment as standard beers.
To replicate the taste and texture of standard beers, many NA drink providers will use a lot of
the same ingredients and techniques employed in the production of their alcoholic drinks.

Summary: The Best Nonalcoholic Beers

There have never been more non-alcohol beer options available than right now! And there are
a host of tasty and high-quality drinks that you will be able to enjoy that replicate the
tastes, textures, and subtle flavours you have been used to.
As well as being very low in alcohol content, some of these drinks are low in sugar and
calories, so they are a great option if you are looking to get healthy.
The next time you are out, why not try one of the best non-alcoholic beers we have?
highlighted above? You’ll be amazed at exactly how tasty these drinks can be!

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