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Darling Beer is a well-known and highly acclaimed South African craft beer brand. It was recently awarded the title of Best Local Craft Beer at the Kfm Best of the Cape Awards 2021 Kfm. Darling, a small West Coast town, was the location of the brewery. It is now officially recognized as Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery. This distinction has been a source of operational excellence in the entire industry.

Tewie Roos, the Managing Director, manages Darling Brew. Mario Delicio owns and invests in Darling Brew. Darling Brew was founded in 2010 by Phillipa and Kevin Wood. After 10 years with Darling Brew, and making it a household name in the process, they were ready for something new and sold their shares to Mario.

Darling Brew was born out of the initial founders’ travels through Africa in 2007. They were inspired by the local microbrewery while on their trip. After returning to South Africa, they set up a small brewery. Eventually, Darling Brew was able to join the South African craft beer scene by meeting a skilled brewmaster.

Darling Brew is now led by Tewie Roos. The business is expanding and developing in exciting new areas, but still keeping true to its core vision of creating products that are beautiful and sustainable. Learn more about Darling Brew MD TewieRoos, his industry experience and his vision for Darling Brew .

Darling Brew’s first beer was the Slow Ale. It was named after the beautiful geometric tortoise, a reptile that is critically endangered in the Western Cape. etc. Darling Brew’s philosophy of Slow Beer is also represented by the term “Slow Beer”. It highlights the brand’s slow fermentation process and the beauty in products that aren’t mass-produced but are made with love in small batches.

All of these products are available at SA retailers, including nationwide delivery via the DBshop and at DB Tasterooms in Darling West Coast, Woodstock and Cape Town. The Tasterooms offer a wonderful place to enjoy a beer tasting and great food in a pet- and family-friendly environment.

There are many beverage options available, including Premium, Craft, and RTD. Most of these brews can be purchased in both keg and bottled form at Darling Brew Partner Outlets.

Our core brands Darling Slow Beer, Bone Crusher and Rogue Pony are all included in the Craft Range.

Our Seasonal & Speciality Ranges like Warlord or Long Claw, which are available only for a limited time during the year, are bolstered to this extent by their staggered releases.

The Premium Portfolio currently includes our JUST beer. Two additional releases will soon join the mix.

The Ready to Drink Range contains Spirited Flight ( Grapefruit), Cherry and Lime), as well as Leadwood Gin & Tonic, available in both bottled or keg formats.

Our passion for conservation and the beauty of the animals we encounter on our travels is what drives our sustainability journey. We not only want to do our best to help the planet, but also to help our amazing wildlife by continuing to use our platform as a way to highlight the urgent issues these animals are facing. Each beer is inspired by an endangered species. They are positioned to raise awareness for their animal kingdom similarity, e.g. The geometric tortoise, rhino and many others. Darling Brew was also called Africa’s first Carbon Neutral Brewery, which is a badge that we proudly wear!

Darling Brew is considered one of the top five craft brewers across the country. Although we are not the largest craft brewers in volume, we are one of the most well-known brands on the market. Recent awards we have received in the past few months show that our strategy and focus are beginning to pay off, as well as confirming the importance and hard work of our team. Seven of our beers were awarded in the African Beer Cup. Darling Brew was also named the Cape’s Best Local Craft Beer in the Kfm Best of the Cape Awards. We were also awarded Best Craft Brewer in Western Cape by LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2020. Design Rush also gave us an award for our recently redesigned e-commerce website.

Darling Brew is known for its innovation ability. Our entire team worked hard at each lockdown level to ensure we were developing the business and cutting unnecessary expenses without having to retrain any of our valued employees. We have been able to persevere and prosper despite the many challenges we have faced. With this team behind Darling Brew, the future looks bright.

The Cape Brewing Company

The Cape Brewing Company, also known as CBC, produces a wide range of beers using only the finest ingredients, state of the art equipment and is made by our highly skilled and awarded brewmaster, Wolfgang Koedel.

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